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Continuing Education (CE) Publications for X-Ray Operators

X-Ray News publishes a publication just for Tennessee limited x-ray operators. X-Ray News also publishes continuing education (CE) articles/activities for Radiology Technicians (RT) that are Category A approved for the ARRT license and those state licenses that require Category A approval. Click here for Category A articles.

All persons holding a Tennessee License for Medical or Osteopathic x-ray must obtain 20 hours of continuing education (CE) credit hours within the two calendar years preceding their renewal year. The state conducts random audits of its x-ray operators to verify compliance with this law.

What is X-Ray News?

Our X-Ray News publication is approved by the TN Medical, Osteopathic, and Podiatric boards and includes interesting continuing education (CE) articles for you to read. Subscribing to X-Ray News allows you to obtain your CE in the privacy of your home, on your timetable.

At the end of each article is a quiz that you must score at least 75% or better to obtain the credits. A yearly subscription to X-Ray News provides you with 10 CE credit hours.

X-Ray News also contains news and updated information regarding all aspects of x-ray licensure. You receive news of the x-ray community, rules changes, helpful tips, classified ads, and much more information.

TN Chiropractic and Podiatric X-Ray Licenses

We will no longer be offering subscriptions for Chiropractic and Podiatric x-ray licenses. You can satisfy your continuing education requirements by ordering X-Ray News single issues. As of January 12, 2012, Chiropractic x-ray licensees can no longer obtain CE credits through multimedia which includes X-Ray News. You have to get special permission from the Board of Chiropractic Examiners to use any multimedia for CE.